E-Letter (PGA)

Election of President-PGA was held on 17th May 2014. Lt Gen Naweed Zaman HI(M) Commd 4 Corps was elected as the new president of PGA.

After the election he held a meeting with executive committee of the PGA in which various decisions were taken out of which establishment of golf academy at Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club (LGG&CC) was the most prominent.

It is very encouraging to note that the President and the Executive Committee of Punjab Golf Association have approved in principle to buy a “Golf Simulator” for the benefit of the golfers. Lt General Naweed Zaman HI (M), President PGA and the Executive Committee deserve all the appreciation.

The installation of Golf Simulator by PGA is first of its kind in the country which will definitely go a long way in improving the standard of golf. The construction of the simulator room is already underway at LGGCC and the LC for import of simulator will be opened shortly. After its installation all schools will be invited to see this facility which will generate more liking for the sport in the children.


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